Mermaid Marine Service

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Mermaid Marine Service offers Eco-Friendly In-Port Services with our patented water powered Hull Cleaning System which collects and filters all brushed off fouling. The Environmental Department of Copenhagen Municipality has issued a permit allowing Mermaid Marine Service to carry out hull cleaning in the Port of Copenhagen. The service is performed while a vessel is waterborne - Saving costs and time since hull cleaning can take place while cargo work is in progress. The process enhances a vessel’s performance by removing marine fouling, thus restoring hulls to optimal streamlined condition, maximizing the economy of a vessel’s operation.

In 2012 our environmentally friendly Hull Cleaning System was nominated for Product Prize of the year by Ingeniøren (Danish Engineering Magazine).

Mermaid Marine Service provides reliable services with outstanding results. We have demonstrated savings in fuel consumption and the optimization of a vessel’s performance by maintaining smooth underwater hull and propeller surfaces.